After inovation you can always find people to do it.

Azacco HotSpot Product Family

Are you ready for Wireless Internet?

Azacco HotSpot is free to download.  Server owner can define their rates and Client users can optimize the connection ex. By cost.

Laptop user need only Paypal and Wallet accounts and connection is possible.

You can surf, chat, mail, and listen net radio when you are connected in a Azacco Hotspot server.

You can use Skype in HotSpot connection.

Ideal solution for NetCafé, Students and all broadband users.  When you do not need band share it and earn!

How it works!  PrePaid/Wallet

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    To contact us:

Tel: +358-41-51 51 474

Fax: +32-70-40-01-25

E-mail: Azacco

15.11.2012  Hi all users.  Now I am free to continue to develop products.  Just tell me problems, bugs, wanted features, do you want 8/10 support... To

I have waited cheaper WiMax products that make HotSpoting more profitable.  Just now they are too expensive.  I am still waiting...

17.02.2010  Netcafe uses also Web Wallet.

12.02.2009  Hotspot Server have now manual mode for All Access Points

27.11.2006 Azacco Wallet accepts PayPal payments.

29.12.2005 Print HotSpot AD Here.

Suported Access Points:


A-Link RR24APi

A-Link WL54AP3

Belkin 7130

Belkin 7230

Buffalo WHR-G54S

Buffalo WLA2-G54L

Cisco 1200 IOS

D-Link DI-524

D-Link DSL-G604T

D-Link WBR-2310


Linksys WAP54G v2s

Linksys WRT54G

Linksys WRT54GC

Motorola WR850G

Netgear WGR614 v5

Thomson TCW710

Tranzeo TR-600/6000


ZyXel ZyAir B-2000 v.2

ZyXel all ZyNOS models

The latest versions 18.02.2010

   HotSpot Client          

   HotSpot Server         

   NetCafe Client          

   NetCafe Server         

   Azacco Wallet Web

Client tested:

   Xp Sp3 + updates 19.02.2009

Server tested:

   Xp Sp3 + updates 19.02.2009


   Xp Sp3

Tranzeo makes professional even 5 miles range access points