After inovation you can always find people to do it.

Q: There is nowhere to describe what your costs are or how we manage them with you?

A:  Azacco costs


It is fixed 7% from transactions.

PayPal takes the next costs


it is under 2.9% + $0.3


A example you have get $20 when you have shared your AP.  Azacco takes $1.4 and PayPal $0.86 and you get $17,7.  If you transfer money from wallet to your PayPal account just when you have got $20.


How you can handle moneys.

-          you have to make PayPal account in www.paypal.com

-          you have to make Azacco Wallet account using same userid and password

-          you have to add your account userid and passwordt to HotSpot Server Properties

Now you can start Server.


-          When you want transfer money (your earnings) to your PayPal account you can make withdrawal in Azacco Wallet Client.  Now PayPal get their costs.  In any time you can also ask your balance with Azacco Wallet.  Azacco do not get any costs when you use Azacco Wallet.  Azacco takes 7% from transactions that happen when your customers pay their time (in every 5 minute).

Q: Problem I have is that by using Azacco wallet I am disclosing my Paypal password to Azacco

A: .Your password is in encrypted in database.  if you find any intrusion

you have to make a claim to PayPal.  Azacco and PayPal will discover the issue.


Q: Is there a 'dummy' account that I can put into the wallet program to test out your service before committing to my own Paypal account details?

A: You can use test@test.com / test in test cases.  You can create your own test account to Wallet using Wallet applet and you will get always PayPal error when you are trying withdrawal or add balance without PayPal accound behind Wallet.


Please try at first to create account to Wallet and check out some error situations.