Azacco HotSpot Client

Client for Azacco HotSpot Servers


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Product Summary

· Windows XP SP3 compatible

· Connect also Open networks

· Crypted internal communication

· Easy to use

· Search automatically Access Points

· Connect automatically to server

· Restores earlier settings.  PC has one restore set

· Roam to the next Access Point

· Based on Azaco’s developed network model

· Using WPA-PSK security

· Minimum HW requirements: 256 MB and 500MHz



Price: Free + Connection


                 All Windows XP compatibly Wi-Fi                  cards that supports WPA-PSK


Please remember that you have to install before HotSpot products


.NET Framework 2.0 redistributable


You can check your wlan card compatibility:

· Control Panel

· Network Connections

· Wireless Network Connection—right click– properties—Wireless Networks

· Add

· Check that you can choose WPA-PSK for Network Authentication

· Check that you can choose TKIP to Data Encryption and your card is compatible.

Please remember that money counters in program do not take notice shares and they are indicative.


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Fax: +32-70-40-01-25

E-mail: Azacco

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